The program including the poster contributions is now available as a pdf file: here

 9:00am     Breakfast & Introduction
9:30am     Gaby Maimon (The Rockefeller University)
 Quantitatively tuned efference copies in Drosophila
10:10am     Contributed Short Talks
 Erin Barnhart (New York University)
 Multi-layered nonlinear integration of local motion cues underpins efficient coding of global motion patterns in Drosophila
Menachem Katz (The Rockefeller University)
 Repetitive behavior mediated by glutamate is controlled by astrocyte-like glia in C. elegans
 10:40am     Coffee Break
 11:15am     Larry Abbott (Columbia University)
 A Novelty Detector in the Fly
 11:55am   Contributed Short Talks
 Luca Mazzucato (Stony Brook University)
 Expectation modulates network dynamics in sensory circuits
 Leenoy Meshulam (Princeton University)
 Place and non-place: collective coding in large hippocampal networks
12:25pm     Lunch Break & Poster Session
 3:00pm     Nicole Rust (University of Pennsylvania)
 Single-trial familiarity memories for objects and scenes
 3:40pm     Contributed Short Talks
 Na Young So (Columbia University)
 Representation of an intention toward a delayed action by neurons in the parietal cortex
 Izumi Fukunaga (OIST Graduate University)
 Task-dependent tuning of the olfactory bulb
 4:10pm     Coffee Break
 4:40pm     Sarah Woolley (Columbia University)
 Early social experience couples auditory tuning and vocal acoustics
 5:20pm     Contributed Short Talks
 David S. Deutsch (Princeton University)
 From Courtship Song Processing to Behavior in Drosophila Females
 Srivatsun Sadagopan (University of Pittsburgh)
 Optimal features for auditory recognition
 6:00pm     Reception